How to Cite Quote in an Essay

You should know how how to cite quote in an essay, especially when it is a research essay, so you can score very good marks. Not knowing how to cite quote in an essay is great disadvantage for you as you would be failing in that essay or you won’t get accepted if you submit it to journals. In this post, we’ll be guiding you well on how to cite quote in an essay.

Citation of quote in an essay is not a big deal. You simply have to follow the right steps and guidelines to be able to do it right. Using of quotes in an essay and using it well is an important feature of an essay. It is important you use it to validate your essay, and you do it right to produce a good essay.

Before we go to the main parts of the essay, we’ll be answering questions related to the topic to make you understand it better.

What is a Quote in an Essay?

A quote in an essay is the thoughts of authority (in words) of another writer or researcher concerning your topic. These thoughts support your idea and point, or the argument you are pushing in your essay. Often, quotes used in an essay is to state that other authorities or scholars have made research related to your topic, and they have shared thoughts concerning it.

How Important is a Quote in an Essay?

When you are using the words or quotes of other researchers, writers and authorities, it is very a vital part of your essay. This is why we advocate that you should do it well and do it right. An essay is not considered good enough if it does not have any quote, or it is considered below average, if enough valid quotes from authority is not used.

How long should a Quote in an Essay be?

The quote you use in your essay must not be more than six lines long. In fact, on the average, the quotes in your essay should be 1 – 5 lines long, anything beyond that bad for essay of any kind. If you feel you have to cite a very long quote, then cut it short and use lots of ellipses. While cutting it short, you should not remove the important parts stating the point you are using.

How to Cite Quote in an Essay

This can be done differently, depending on the type of essay. How it is done in a research essay is different fro how it is done in an average school essay. For research essay or paper, it has a more rigorous pattern and guidelines you should follow to do it. In this essay, you must keep to these guidelines or patterns. For an average school essay, you should can simply state the writer of the quote and put the quote in quotation marks.

Below, we’ll be giving example of how to cite a quote in a research paper or essay and in an average school essay.

Example of How to Cite a Quote in an Research Paper or Essay

The symptoms of this new infection that was ravaging the countries around the world ranged from shortness of breath to high fever. The symptoms of this infection were so similar to the ones already in existence that it was always hard to tell them apart. Therefore, to detect the infection faster, it would need a test. World Vision (2020) writes that “the virus, SARS Cov2 is the main causative organism of COVID-19, with shortness of breath, dry cough and fever as its most common symptoms” (p. 3).

Above, we can see that it has a pattern. You write the name of the author (or year) of the quote, then he said, you write the quote in quotation mark before writing other details like the year, page and all. The use of this depends on the kind of essay and the field you are writing it in. This is why citation in a research paper or essay, or academic essay, is more complicated.

To get to know more about this you should read (How to Write MLA and APA Essay).

Example of How to Cite a Quote in an average School Essay

Eze states that “younger people with no underlying health conditions, or smoking history, and with a high immune system were more prone to surviving the infection than other classes of people.

Above, you can see that this one is not complicated at all. Simply write the name of the author of the quote, put the quote in quotation marks and you are good to go. The school essay should either be a short or casual, and a non-research narrative, descriptive, expository and argumentative essays.


How to cite quote in an essay is not much of a big deal if you know the procedures and process. How you use quotes in your essay determines the quality of your essay, and what you score. You should endeavor to do it well as a student to score a good mark.

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