How to Cite a Website MLA in Essay

How to cite website MLA in essay is not much of a difficult task to do. Once you know the procedure and do it right, then you should know how to cite a website. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on this procedure of how to cite a website in MLA essay.

However, you should know how to write an essay and research paper before we proceed to guide you on how to cite a website in this essay type. So it is important you read our posts about essay writing, dissertation and research paper writing (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper and How to Write APA and MLA Essay).  

How to Cite a Website MLA in Essay

The point you have the web page and part of a website you want to cite, there are steps you should take to cite the work very well.

First Step: You search and get the perfect web page and website you want to cite. You note down this website and web page.

Second Step: You write down the details of the web page and website. You write down the words you want to use, the URL of the page, the author of the page, the date you saw and copied the website. You can write down these details in a book.

Third Step: You write the copied words as part of the in-text citation in your paper and essay. Then you write the details of the page you copied as part of end-text citation.

Example of How to Cite this as In-Text Citation

This can be cited in MLA essay by writing the name, the quoted words and then the page number. It can also be direct or indirect.

Indirect– Frost writes that Peter is overweight explaining that it is obesity (n. p.).

Direct — Frost writes that “Peter is overweight and therefore obese” (n. p.).

You should note that the n. p. in brackets stands for no page since it is a web page and does not have pagination or page numbers.

However if the in-text quotation is more than four lines, it is quoted differently.

In MLA, a longer in-text citation is quoted this way,

Frost goes further to state how the concept is utilized in the analysis of a work of art. The essay goes,

Multi-layering’ combines with the fine line between ‘allegorical’, ‘tropological’ and ‘anagogical’ to mean that in using the word ‘allegorical’ one must be careful not to reduce and over-simplify a complex and rich works. The Gawain-poet does, as Bunting observes, use allegory (including metaphor and symbolism), but he actually uses it to ‘[draw] readers into active response to the story.’ (n. p.)

Example of How to Cite this as End-Text Citation

In citing the website as end-text citation, the name comes first, then the title of the web page before you include “Retrieved from,” and write the URL of the page. The last one is the date you copied the web page. Read below,

Frost, Peter. “Allegory in ‘Sir Gwain and the Green Knight.’” Retrieved from on April 10, 2020.


How to cite website MLA in essay is not really a difficult if you know the right procedures. Having read this procedure in this post, you should know how to write it now. Be sure you write it the right way so as you get the high mark you deserve.

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