How to Cite a Website in APA Essay

How to cite a website in APA essay does not take much if you know the right steps and procedures to follow and stick to. In actual sense, essay writing is not much of a problem if you know the right procedures. Once you don’t get the procedures wrong, you are sure to get good grades in your essay.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the right way to cite a website in APA essay.

However, you should know how to write an essay and research paper before we proceed to guide you on how to cite a website in this essay type. So it is important you read our posts about essay writing, dissertation and research paper writing (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper and How to Write APA and MLA Essay).  

How to Cite a Website in APA Essay

The point you have the web page and part of a website you want to cite, there are steps you should take to cite the work very well.

First Step: You search and get the perfect web page and website you want to cite. You note down this website and web page.

Second Step: You write down the details of the web page and website. You write down the words you want to use, the URL of the page, the author of the page, the date you saw and copied the website. You can write down these details in a book.

Third Step: You write the copied words as part of the in-text citation in your paper and essay. Then you write the details of the page you copied as part of end-text citation.

When citing it at the end of your research work as end-text, you write down the details of website and the article you quoted. The right way to do it is by quoting them like this:

  • The name of the author of the article on the web page
  • Year of Publication (in brackets)
  • The title of the article on the webpage
  • You write Retrieved from the URL of the webpage
  • The date of the time you quoted the webpage.

Example of Cited Website

Alzheimer (2020). “Understanding Dementia Research.” Retrieved from on 5th March 2021.


How to cite a website in APA essay shouldn’t be a problem if you know the right things to do and do it right. By reading this post, you have understood how to do it right. You would get good grades once you do it right.

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