How long does it take to write a Dissertation

Most graduate students at PhD level usually worry about how fast it would take for them to complete a dissertation. They bother with how long it take to write a dissertation. In this post, we’ll be examining the time duration needed to complete a dissertation.

How Long it take to Write a Dissertation

The time it takes in writing a dissertation is determined by how strenuous your topic or your discipline is, and how long you’re expected to write. However, if you’re determined and mange your time well, the average time it takes in most fields is two years. It could be faster or slower depending on you and the work and satisfaction rate of your supervisor. For some, it might not be up to two years, while for some, it may be more than two years.

You have to know that when writing and researching, you should be focused and fast. If you aren’t fast enough, you spend more in terms of fees and time. Set a deadline, and get to meet that deadline by focusing and working hard not to spend more than the time writing your dissertation.


This post has presented how long it take to write a dissertation. You simply have to read and digest the pieces of advice give. It takes an average of two years, and maybe faster or slower, depending on many factors. You can read more by visiting these our posts (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper and How to Write APA and MLA Essay).  

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