How long does it take to write a Book

A lot of authors and writers, especially the upcoming, are usually worried about how long it take to write a book. As a writer you might be worried about the publishing time, and if you would meet up. In this post, we’ll be presenting the most reasonable time length it take to write and publish a book.

How long it take to write a Book

The time it takes to finish a book is determined by the size of the book you’re writing and how disciplined you are. It is also determined by the type of book you’re writing. For instance, for a dedicated writer to finish a 100,000 words novel, completely and well-edited, it can take a year or two.

Meanwhile, for a writer to finish a 100,000 words motivational book, it can take a year or at most a year and half. Then, a writer of a 100,000 words Physics textbook, it can take as high as four to five years.

You should just set your mind and deadline. If you writing a fiction book or motivational book, write at least 1000 to 2000 words daily, and soon it would be finished. This is, of course, how long it can take you to finish a book.


How long it take to write a book should not be a big matter to you if you’ve read this post. Writing a book might seem enormous and tasking but it is not. If you are determined, focused and know what you are set out to do, you should finish writing your book in no time.

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