How to write an Argumentative Essay (Do my assignment)

If how do I write an argumentative essay or do my assignment is an important question in your mind right now, then this post is for you. Argumentative essay is not really that difficult to write as people would believe. It’s true it is not as easy as narrative essay; however, if you know what to do and set your mind towards doing it, then it’s like a walk in the park.

Writing an argumentative essay as a work on your own, a school assignment, test or in an exam shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. In this post, we would be leading you through the easy procedures and process of having an excellent argumentative essay. Before we proceed, we would be answering some familiar questions related to the topic below.

What is an argument?

An argument is series of statements you make that obey logic and have points. You use this series of statements to convince people of the reason why you choose a part of a topic over another. For an argument to exist, there are always two opposing sides in words, and you’ve to pick a side and convince readers or listeners why your side is better or has more valid points.

What is argumentative essay?

Argumentative essay is the type of essay where a point is logically argued to let the readers know of the points and reasons why you select a part of an argument over another. It is simply a written argument. For instance, if a statement is made like this, policemen and doctors, who saves more lives? As a writer, you choose a part and make your argument constructively until your points are exhausted and the reader is convinced.

What is a good argument or argumentative essay?

A good argument or argumentative essay obeys logic. The points you state should have a premise and the follow up, and they should all be valid and chronologically presented. This simply means A is the first and since A is first, B, C and D follows because they are continuation of A. When arguing, whether in writing or speaking, don’t deviate from your point of the argument.

What is a bad argument or argumentative essay?

A bad one is the one that does not obey logic with the points not well structured and presented. You can pinpoint a bad argument by the way the writer and speaker deviates from the topic and point of argument. If there is also bad grammar and use of language, it is also a bad essay or argument. When it is written, it should be written in the right structure, when the structure is wrong, then it is a bad one.

What is the steps and process of an argumentative essay? 

When you are interested in fulfilling how do I write an argumentative essay or do my assignment question, then you should know the right steps and process of an argumentative essay. These steps would guide you on how to get it right and write a good argumentative essay. The steps are:

  • Consider the topic first. Choose the side of the argument you know more about and one that you would have good points to state.
  • Before you start writing, you should get a paper and write down your points in the right order.
  • When you begin writing, the title comes first, then the salutation/greeting of the represented bodies before the main part of the argument and conclusion.
  • After you’re done writing, read through again and make all the corrections before submitting.

These steps listed above are how you do your assignment or if you are given argumentative essay writing in your test or exam. When you are simply writing to submit it as an article for publication, then you take your time to do your research, make quotation, cite the authorities in the field and do thorough editing before sending it out. A professional work should be better done than a school work.

There are parts and features that make up an argumentative essay. You write the essay following these parts and features, and how they were described. These parts and features include:

  • Title: This is where you write your argument topic, especially the side of an argument you are supporting. Example is “Police save lives more than Doctors.”
  • Salutation: If it is a school work or assignment or test or exam, it should have a salutation that is written in chronological order in recognition of personalities and bodies supervising the debate. This salutation is written beside the left borderline. Example is

The Principal

The Panel of Judges


The Teachers

The Students


However, if you are writing as a professional, you shouldn’t include this salutation.

  • Body: This contains the argument proper. It should be written in well-structured and arranged paragraphs of 5 – 10 or more than. The first paragraph is the introductory one where you introduce your point and state why you are choosing the topic. The middle paragraphs should contain the points, each paragraph for a point. The last paragraph should be the conclusion and wrap up all that you have been saying while still insisting on the validity of your argument.


How do I write an argumentative essay or do my assignment shouldn’t be a worry if you know what to do as we have stated earlier. The important thing to note is that your argument should obey logic and be valid. You should have enough good points. Your grammar and use of language should be good. Your work should be neat in arrangement and you’re on your way to scoring high.

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