Hook in Essay

Hook in essay is the sentence or part of your essay, which is written well, to entice your reader and examiner. This part of your essay captures the interest of your reader or examiner. It makes the reader go on reading the essay and all that you have to say. It is very important you write a good hook in essay to be graded well by your examiner.

This part of an essay is very important in essay writing. Without it, a larger percentage of people won’t be captivated to read your essay and follow up your essay to the very end. Even your examiner won’t grade you well. This is why you should know how to go about it.

For getting to know how to write an essay or what essay writing entails, you can read our posts (How to Write APA and MLA Essay and How to Write an Essay) to learn more. Meanwhile, in this post, we are more concerned about exploring the topic.

How to Write or Create a good Hook in Essay 

Including the Thesis Statement or Topic Sentence: Your hook in your essay should have your thesis statement or topic sentence. This is very important. Even while it has other attributes and characteristics, the inclusion of the thesis statement and topic is very important. It is part of what would capture the interest of your reader and examiner, especially if it is an interesting topic.

Writing in Active Voice: While writing the hook of the essay, intended for the readers, you should endeavor to write it in active voice. There should be no trace of passive voice at all. This active voice would make it look like you are addressing the readers directly, talking to them, and prodding them to read further.

Using no Adjective or Adverb: Since the hook is not long. You have to ensure you don’t use adjective or adverb while writing it. You have to use other classes of speech but not adjective and adverb. This is because you have to avoid writing in passive voice, and you also have to avoid making the hook a long one.

Making it Short: Your hook has to be as short as possible. This would capture the interest of the reader and make him more concerned about the topic and essay. A good hook of an essay shouldn’t be more than a paragraph. In fact, one to three sentences are enough to be the hook of a great essay.

Writing it in a Good Location in your Essay: You should write the hook in a good location in your essay. The best location for it should be at the beginning part of the essay. A hook has no business in appearing at the middle or end of the essay. After all, a hook should capture the interest of the reader, and this can only happen when it appears at the beginning of the essay.

Example of Essay Hook

  • The poverty in Africa leads to immense suffering and death of over 3% of the population annually. From the poor performing health sector to the poor standard of living to lack of basic amenities, it is as if life is destined to be terrible in Africa. Poverty, being a major cause of low life expectancy on the continent, shall be examined in this paper.
  • There is no proper literary analysis of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart without a connection to colonialism and culture contact.  
  • American dream is like liquor. There has to be a moderation or you choke by it. My own American dream was a thug of war, I got too excited, and got choked up by it.


Hook in essay is not a difficult thing to write if you know the processes, procedures, and how to do it right. You have to know that it is a very important part of your essay, so you have to write it well. You should make sure you put a lot into it to get it right.

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