Hauwa Love Tales [Hausa Romantic (Short) Novel] (Episode 1)

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This is Hausa Romantic Novel that you have never seen before. It is about to start with a BIG BLOW. I am the narrator and what is about to happen and what you are about to read will shock you. I am here to satisfy your taste.


Hauwa lost her father to Alhaji Usman when she was five because Usman was a strong and powerful politician in Kano. He had too much money that he killed five cows every Sallah and distributed it to the community. He had three wives, but there was rumour going around that he was looking for the fourth one. Alhaji Usman was also very religious and made sure he went to Mecca every year. He controlled a town in Kano and was the lord who said what could be done or not.

People see Alhaji Usman as a good man; however, they also know that like everybody on earth, no one was without sin. Alhaji Usman loved money and generated lots of wealth. He lent money and expected that every penny or cents or kobo borrowed from  him is returned. So, people who went to him asking for help are sure to receive loans than the real help. Other big men in Kano sometimes gave out loans without seeking anything in return but this was not so for Alhaji Usman.

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Alhaji Usman could give out five cows to be killed on Sallah day or even give out rams as Sallah gifts to families but he couldn’t give such as money equivalent to people. This is how he lent people money and when they couldn’t pay he forced them to pay. This is how it is told as a story that Hauwa’s father borrowed some amount of money from Usman and when he couldn’t pay up, Usman quarreled him and in a month’s time, Hauwa’s father was never to be seen.

— Romance and love stories —

The question that have continued to be in the town people’s lips is what happened to Mallam Adamu, Hauwa’s then young father and the husband to sweet Rukayat? How did he just disappear? Why was Alhaji Usman feeling lost about the whole story as if he is innocent? So, the town people concluded that Alhaji Usman had a hand in the death even though they couldn’t prove it. Besides, Usman was high-handed whenever he wanted to collect back his money, there was no way he didn’t have a hand the death.

Hauwa grew up from an innocent 5-year-old girl to a young beautiful ebony lady. The rest of this story took place on her eve of finishing from secondary school and not knowing what to do next with her life. She was 18. Among the girls in her town and all her agemate, Hauwa was the most gorgeous. She had a chocolate-tone skin. She had a moderately big hip and breasts. Unlike her mates that are either skinny or too chubby or too local, Hauwa was fit to be an international model with all the right shape and brilliance.

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The town people were surprised she turned to be such a big girl. Her mother was only a poor woman who sold tuwo close to the market and apart from feeding Hauwa and buying some cheap clothes, she didn’t do anything much. What intrigued people more was that Hauwa wasn’t only beautiful, she was also smart and was always top three in her set of over 300 students. How did her poor mother train her to become this?

So, on the eve of her graduation from secondary school, many suitors had already started to come to show their interest in marrying her. They started coming earlier when she was 14, but Hauwa said no and encouraged her people to also say no. Who wouldn’t? Hauwa was beautiful and very intelligent. Her entire family believed she would go to university and become a big woman, maybe a nurse or lawyer or accountant or a doctor or even the first female governor of the state. Even though she carried herself carefully and wasn’t local like the other town girls, she was still humble.

The other girls laughed at her that she pampered herself too much. They would say, “Hauwa, haba mana, is this how you would carry yourself when you are married? You carry yourself like you won’t bend down to cook for your husband? You carry yourself too much like you won’t make babies for your husband? You carry yourself so much like you won’t get old?” They laughed at her.

However, their focus on husbands and marriage wasn’t her own focus. At 18, even after secondary school and after more than half of her mates had been married off, she still rejected most of the suitors that came seeking her hand in marriage. She rejected young men who were good looking and owned a car or a few cars. She rejected graduates who were doing well for themselves. She rejected in a big way the big men who had other wives and wanted to make her one of their wives. She told everyone she wanted to go to university and not marry at the moment.

There were concerns about her decision, even her mother was concerned. Who would train her in the university? Where would they see money? What if she gets older and changes and so becomes unattractive to suitors? These were serious concerns.

The first turning point of this Hausa romantic novel story is when Alhaji Usman came in his jeep with some pieces of clothes and a slim wad of cash to also seek Hauwa’s hand in marriage. He had heard stories of how beautiful and intelligent Hauwa is and considered marrying her as his last wife. It was Rukayat, Hauwa’s mother that saw him first and stood transfixed at the point where she was sweeping the house.

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Alhaji came out of his jeep in his sparkling and reflecting senator wear. He wore beautiful neck chain, wrist watch and anklet all made of gold. As he came towards their house, he had the slim wad of cash in one hand and the pieces of clothes on the other hand. Rukayat stopped watched she was doing and rushed to stand at the door.

“Alhaji Usman, what are you looking for in my husband’s house? What are you doing here?” Rukayat asked. She glared her eyes at him.

Alhaji Usman stopped and looked at her, incredulous. “Why are you asking me such question? I am a nobleman in this town and at such I am permitted to go anywhere in this town. Everyone is permitted to go anywhere. You shouldn’t ask me such question,” he said.

Rukayat hissed. “You are permitted to go anywhere you like but not into people’s homes. Even in the US, my daughter say there is a law they call trespassing law. Right now, you are trespassing.”

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Alhaji Usman laughed out loud. He laughed at what he perceived to be Rukayat’s foolery. Rukayat wasn’t moved, she stood her ground and covered the entrance to their house. Their house was a mud house of three rooms covered with cement plaster. They had a pit toilet and a makeshift bathroom at the back of the house. Rukayat knew they were poor and wondered what Alhaji Usman was looking for in their house.  

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“Haba, Rukayat, is this how you welcome me to your house, kwo?” Alhaji Usman asked, laughing. “I haven’t come here since how many years now and this is how you welcome me to your house? It is not good.”

“Alhaji Usman, the last time you were in this house, you quarreled my husband. Then, my husband vanished without a trace after that. Why haven’t you come since then? And why are you even here?” Rukayat’s voice was raised and her heart was boiling. She poured all her anger and pain into what she said.

Alhaji Usman paused and stared at Rukayat in surprise. Rukayat moved her eyes from him. She looked at the empty air, shaking her right leg and avoiding looking at those murderous eyes of his. “Wait are you accusing me of having a hand in your husband’s disappearance? How can I? What nonsense,” he said.

“I never said that. Say what I said. All I know is that I don’t want you in this house right now. Please, Alhaji Usman, leave here.”

Alhaji Usman’s temper rose then, he moved the wad cash to the other hand and began pointing at Rukayat, “You don’t have to dare me or push me around, you hear? You don’t have to!” He paused to catch his breath. He was no longer as furious and bold and strong like he used to be in his youth. Now, he was almost clocking 60 and becoming frail. “Is it because I didn’t care to involve you and your daughter in the loan your husband collected after his disappearance? Well, I just want to tell you I have come to marry Hauwa and if you keep acting like a mad dog, I would push for my loan. Tell Hauwa I will be here to see her in two days time. It’s either you people act well or produce your stupid husband to provide my money!”

— Hausa romantic novels wattpad —

Alhaji Usman walked away with his cash and clothes. He opened the Jeep’s door, got into it and slammed the door. Next, he drove away in anger and very fast, spilling dust everywhere. Rukayat stood there, her eyes and mouth wide opened; she was thoroughly shocked. Hauwa who had been at the back of the house came out, asking, “Mama, what happened?” to her mother. Rukayat had no words in her mouth and just stared at her daughter.

*How would they get the money to pay? How would they locate her husband? Will Hauwa even agree to marry him? Are their lives at risk? Read the next episode to find out.

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