Hauwa Love Tales (Episode 3)

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On Alhaji’s next arrival, Hauwa and her mother were confused on the exact thing to do. They didn’t know if it was to bid him welcome with their full heart or run away totally from him. They had not made up their minds on what they would do with Hauwa insisting they can pay up the money and her mother insisting that they could not. They didn’t know the exact amount, but for Hauwa’s father to be missing showed the money was likely not a small one.

Alhaji chose to have his second visit in the evening. His jeep speeding in the front of their house and raising dust. In his mind, he wondered how poor Rukayat was able to survive with a little 5-year-old girl after her husband went missing. He knew Hauwa’s father was a failure that depended so much on Divine Help and didn’t put much work into his clothes retailing business. He had come to Alhaji Usman claiming he needed to expand his failing business and asked for the loan before he disappeared. At that time, their house was a two room mud house.

Alhaji stopped his jeep and waved all these thoughts from his mind. He hadn’t come there to sympathize with them. He had come to know Hauwa’s mind and if she was accepting his proposal or not. She should be reasonable and smart enough to accept it because they were dirt poor and her marriage to him would alleviate their suffering in many ways.

He stepped out of the jeep and took along with him the slim wad of cash and pieces of clothes he brought the other time. By this time, Hauwa and her mother were already seated in their veranda waiting for him. Alhaji Usman forced himself from not smiling even though he wanted to smile; he really loved Hauwa’s looks, her supple skin and her very radiant smile, her perfect breasts and hips. To him, Hauwa also had good fashion sense in the way she wore hijab that blended with the color of her skirt.

— Hausa romance novels wattpad —

Alhaji stepped onto the veranda and cleared his throat. “Good morning,” he greeted. “I do hope you people slept fine?”

“Good morning,” the two women greeted with Rukayat adding, “Alhaji” at the end of hers.

Alhaji walked calmly and sat on the only plastic backseat there. The women sat on a long bench and fixed all their eyes on him. He cleared his throat again; their eyes on him weren’t making him comfortable. He began to speak, measuring his words and holding back his own fear as they were holding up theirs.

“See, I am very sorry for how I behaved the last time I was here,” he said first, his eyes on the direction of Rukayat. “I shouldn’t have overreacted like I did. You know it has been a long time since I have been here and it brought up all these emotions. My anger that came forth was unnecessary and shouldn’t have come out like that. I deeply apologize.”

“Nagode, Alhaji,” Rukayat said. She spoke slowly as well. All of them were being careful with the tone of their voice and the fastness of their words. “I am also sorry for how I spoke to you on that day. It was also out of emotions of my missing husband that I said that and shouldn’t have said anything incriminating you in the crime.”

“Ah, Rukayat,” Alhaji said, chuckling. “We also things we don’t mean whenever we are angry. I really understand.” He stopped talking and chuckled again. The women chuckled as well, their moods unsteady, the atmosphere tense. Alhaji stopped chuckling and made a straight face. “Rukayat, it is based on what I told you the other time about my interest in your beautiful daughter.”

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“Yes,” Rukayat said, nodding hurriedly.

“I find Hauwa really beautiful and I have heard a lot of things about her. I have heard that she is not only beautiful, but smart as well. She is kind, and I know you have trained her so well. This is the reason I would love her to be my final wife. And you know the final wife is always the most loved and official wife. I will take care of her than I do for my other wives. I also promise to give all that she wants. Soon, insha Allah, I will be contesting for Senate position and grow in politics from there.” Alhaji paused, pointing at Hauwa. “You, Hauwa, would be the face of my campaign and who knows? You might become the first lady of this state after. This is an opportunity girls of your age would kill for. I think you should consider this wisely.” He cleared his throat and stopped talking.

Rukayat looked at him and smiled. “Alhaji, sorry for our poor manners, we didn’t offer you anything. Would you love to have juice or minerals? We can get them for you. It seems you are thirsty?”

“Ah, Rukayat, you worry yourself too much. I am not hungry or tasty.” Alhaji chuckled.

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“Alright, Alhaji, I have heard all you have to say and your plans for my daughter,” Rukayat said. “However, you know kids of these days. We cannot force them to do what we want. Marriage is no longer a thing of the past where parents decide who would marry their children. Now, children decide who they would marry on their own. This is why I have left it all in Hauwa’s hands. If she says she wants it fine. I will not be there in the marriage with her. It’s her life decision.”

Alhaji Usman was nodding in agreement as Rukayat was speaking. “Yes, Rukayat, you are wise. Most of the decisions would have to come from Hauwa since she would be the one staying with me,” he said, smiling. Then, he looked at Hauwa and made a smile that revealed more wrinkles below his cheeks and on his forehead. “Hauwa, what do you say to my proposal?”

Hauwa wanted to looked at him, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She simply spoke without looking at him. She didn’t even look at her own mother and was resolute on the deadly plans she was making. She won’t tell anyone about it. “Alhaji, I have heard about your proposal and would love to have two weeks to think about it. Besides, I need time because I have a college entrance exam I wish to write within this time …”

— Hausa romance novels wattpad —

Rukayat’s eyes widened and she looked at her daughter. “An exam?” she asked. She was surprised and confused.

“An exam?” Alhaji asked, too.

“Yes,” Hauwa said, moving her eyes from one person to another.

Alhaji got up. “Alright,” he said. “I would come back in that two weeks time to know your decision. You have to choose well because there are many things at stake. By the way, Hauwa, you know your father still owed me some money?” Alhaji asked in a sarcastic way, chuckling.

“Yes, I know,” she replied. Hauwa was irritated by the question really.

Alhaji Usman handed the clothes and gifts to Rukayat who gently collected it. Alhaji Usman walked away without saying anything more. Before he finally entered his car, and drove off, Hauwa saw the grin on his face.

Next thing after that was Rukayat shouting, “You see the wickedness in the man’s face? You see the brutality? We are dead! What would we do?”

* Is Alhaji Usman going to wickedly snatch and marry Hauwa and deny her from her dreams? Find out in the next episode.

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