Friendship Essay (500 or 300 words)

Friendship essay is an essay type and theme that is usually demanded from students in all levels of education. Writing a friendship essay is the same way you write other essays. However, whenever you are asked to write an essay about friendship, it is either the essay is descriptive or narrative.

You should never write a friendship essay in argumentative format, it should be descriptive or narrative in nature. We have posts (How to Write a Story and How to Write an Essay) to guide you on how to write this.

Friendship essay is just like any other essay, it should have a title and a body. The body of the essay should have an interesting beginning, a middle, and a definite conclusion. It should be interesting to read that your teacher would be pleased. It shouldn’t be unnecessarily long. At most, the essay should not be more than 1000 words, and around 300 to 500 words.

The essay should flow from one paragraph to another. It should be engaging. There should be no grammatical errors. It should have good content. Below we’ll be presenting an example.

Example of Friendship Essay (500 or 300 words)

Friendship is beyond the Ordinary

Friendship is beyond the connection between friends. Friendship is more like a blood covenant and communion between people. Others may see friendship as the good relationship between people where you can do things for one another, or solve problem, or simply connect, but for me, it is beyond that.

I have not always valued being close to people or opening myself to people until something strange happened in my life.

We were Grade 7 students in middle school, staying in the dormitory, and we had to go to the river to fetch water because there was no water in school. The borehole had stopped working one night, sparking off drought in the school. The students went complaining to the principal who promised to do something about it, but the students waited for a long time to no avail.

The students decided to go out of the school wall to fetch water at the river. The principal came up one morning ordering them not to go to the river again. The students did not understand why he stopped them. They knew quite well that things were going out of hand; the renovation in the college had brought something cruel. The Principal had changed for bad, and it affected my classmates and I greatly. I wasn’t even close to any of my classmates.

“You better eat. We are late for night chapel already,” One boy told his friend, throwing a spoon of beans into his mouth. We were in the dining hall. All the walls in the hall had waste garri plastered on them. It was long and wide, and was divided into two sessions; the seniors had their own session and the juniors had theirs.

“I don’t want to eat. I do not have water to drink in the hostel. Do you want me to die before my time?” his friend asked him, looking at him. The two friends shared the same table with me. I was not eating too, because he had no water. 

It dawned on that the pain would be too much for me to bear as I had no one to talk to. No friends. I decided then to make friends. It was that evening I became Kingsley’s friend. He is the one who showed me where to fetch water that saved my life the next day.  


Friendship essay is not really that difficult to write. You have to think about what to write first. Then, you let the story flow. You can choose to write an expository essay or narrative essay on the topic depending on which one would be better for you.   

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