Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is one of the most disturbing aspect of university education as it gives most students sleepless nights as they would have to deal with what they conceive as the stress of coming up with dissertation. This criterion is required before graduation at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. It contains large mark, and this is why you must know the frequently asked questions about dissertation writing and their answers to ace it.

It has a large number of points than your other regular coursework, and this is the reason why you must focus a lot on it to make good grades. Good grades in your dissertation means your result would be improved greatly. Sometimes, good grades in dissertation would change your result automatically and give you an astonishing result that you had never expected.

In the post, we will be putting up some frequently asked questions about dissertation writing and answering them to your expectation or the way you love it. By reading through this, you’d get across one question that is also in your mind and you can know what to do with your dissertation writing. The questions and answers are below:

What is dissertation writing?

Dissertation ordinarily is recognized as the PhD research work and writing in the postgraduate schools of some universities but today it has come to be defined as the research work of of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Thus, in the current academic environment, dissertation writing qualifies to be the criterion research work allotted high marks and grade required of a university student. It is usually the academic work with the highest mark or grade in a student’s entire time in the university.

How do I write a dissertation?

You’ve to understand that a dissertation is a very serious coursework required of you, and as such, you must treat it with all seriousness and urgency. The foremost point to note about dissertation writing is that the language is serious and strictly formal. Unlike you’d have in a letter or a casual essay, dissertation’s language is serious, straight to the point with a diction that’s easy to understand.

When you know how the language is, then you know that dissertation is a research process and there are steps you must take to arrive at a well-done research. The main thing to note is that it’s a research and your research question must be answered and fulfilled. Thus, these are steps in writing a dissertation below:

  • Get a research problem/question (also considered as the research topic)
  • Evaluate the veracity and possibility of success of the chosen research topic
  • Gather data and material (primary or secondary) to help you in the research
  • Begin the dissertation writing and know that they are classified into these important parts below:
  • Title page.
  •  Preliminary pages of dedication, acknowledgement and table of contents.
  •  Abstract.
  •  Introduction.
  •  Literature Review.
  •  Theoretical framework and Methodology of research.
  •  Results, analysis and discussion.
  •  Summary, conclusion and recommendations.
  •  Citations (references or work cited).

In another post, explained in detail how you can do a good and well-researched dissertation writing. We took the parts one after another and did a perfect explanation. You can search for it here to find it.

What is research and a research paper?

A dissertation writing is a research and a research paper. Then what is a research? It is a process of one’s attempt to discover more about an uncommon or strange phenomenon. It is a thorough process that includes taking interest in an unfamiliar research question and getting to find out details about that research topic/question.

On the other hand, a research paper is where the process and discovery and analysis of this research is written. For professional scholars, these research papers are their publications of their discoveries to the world, while for students, they are requirement for the completion of their coursework.

How do I score high in my dissertation, essay or research paper? How do I make good grade? What makes a good dissertation writing?

You can score high or make good grade in your dissertation writing when you work hard to deliver a very good or excellent research work. It is when you put in your best in your research work that score a high mark and a good grade. We are going to list out the features or characteristics your dissertation work should have to make it good for awarding of high mark or good grade below:

  • The topic or research problem and question should be uncommon, unique and engaging
  • The research process especially gathering of data and material should be thoroughly done
  • The research paper should be written in formal, simple and straight-to-the-point language and tone.
  • The written work should be devoid of all errors–grammatical, citation, and other academic work errors
  • You should have a very strong validation in your argument in support of your topic, and this should show in very strong and reliable in-text and end-text citations
  • Most IMPORTANTLY, avoid plagiarism.
  • You should also not repeat the ideas or exact phrases and sentences you’ve used before.

Once, your dissertation or research paper meets all these requirements, you’d score high or get good grades in your coursework.

What is Plagiarism in dissertation writing or research paper and why is it bad?

Plagiarism is the act of copying or lifting the ideas of other people in a dissertation or research paper without quoting or citing those people adequately. Plagiarism is also simply known as academic theft. It is one of the greatest crimes in the academic environment and comes with heavy punishment. As a professional scholar and lecturer, one can be sacked for plagiarism. Meanwhile, as a student involved in plagiarism, that particular research paper that’s plagiarized can be cancelled and your grade dropped.

So, no matter what, you shouldn’t be involved in plagiarism at all. Quote and cite all borrowed ideas, opinions, statements, phrases, sentences, words and more adequately and completely. This is a very important question in this our  frequently asked questions about dissertation writing and answers.  

What is citation? How is it done? How much does it improve dissertation writing or research paper? 

Citation is the act of quoting scholars or people who you borrowed their ideas, opinions and statements in your research paper or dissertation. These quotation is necessary to avoid plagiarism for one, and to also give a boost to the quality of your research paper. Aside from other features of your work, citations are also checked to know how valuable your research work is.

Thus, if you submit your dissertation, one of the most important things your guider or lecturer would check is your citations. Heavy and well-utilized citations mean higher mark and grade for you.


In this frequently asked questions about dissertation writing and answers, we have been able to bring up some of the commonly asked questions about dissertation and research paper writing. Reading them and getting note of them would help you greatly in acing it and scoring a high mark or good grade. However, if you aren’t confident on doing it on your own and you need a guide or someone to help you do it. Read BELOW:

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