Example of Narrative Essay

This post is to give you example of narrative essay. Reading this, we take it you must have known how to write a narrative essay, possibly by what you have been taught or what you read up on your own. In this post, we’ll only be giving you example of how a narrative essay is written.

Narrative essay is more of a story, or it is simply a story. Once you know how to write a story, then you should know how to structure a narrative essay. Read (How to Write a Good Story) here.

Example of Narrative Essay

How Shamar almost Robbed the Jewellery Store on Edinburgh Road 

Shamar did not make up his mind about robbing the jewellery store until it was some months after his mother passed away, and there was no one to meet to give him money. He let his mind work around his decision to carry out the operations with his gang members kicking against it. Who were they, though? They were his friends. They were mostly 17. Telling them about the robbery plan, most of them were scared, and said things about the danger ahead. Shamar believed there was no danger at all.

He learned from the notorious gangster, Alonso. Alonso’s gang were well-known, and carried out deadly operations. However, since one of their members died, the gang has been in disarray. It is as if they had no leader at the moment. The story of how Daniel was robbed and murdered brutally had become a popular story among the other gangs. Even Shamar was scared at some points before he overcame it.

He had made a decision earlier that he would be going to the robbery with Quan and Andre. It has been long he worked with Quan and would be needing him in this operation. This was the one he was good at. Quan who drank a lot and consistently called Andre, Dre. Dre with an emphasis on the E. The three of them will be great. He picked up a date.

He stopped. Were there really dark clouds gathering as the people were saying? He sneered. Those stuffs were pieces of bullshits. There were no dark clouds gathering anywhere. Things would go smoothly, and he would make sure of that. He just had to make the right plans and all would fall in place as they were supposed to.

On the day he finally penciled as the robbery day, he called Quan and Dre. They would be going to rob the jewellery store with all expectations on the high that things would turn out well. He had to make sure all turned out well for them. He had to be sure of that. The robbery was slated for the dark night. The street would be more empty at that night and the police and city administrators would be sleeping.

He prepared himself, got hold of a pistol he had borrowed from a senior and left. He did not wear his robbery mask to where where the robbery was to take place. He only wore it close to the robbery scene, his pistol deep in his pocket. Kendrick’s Store had the name written in large red letters on an iron board painted white. The jewellery store was along a line of store with their front made of glasses that you could easily see what was in the inside.

When Shamar arrived, he stood by one of the street lights on the street. Even though it was dark, he could see the outlining of Dre and Quan close to the shop. They hid themselves in the dark, therefore, preventing the people passing there or the people in the shop to see them. Shamar could also see that in the long line of shops, it was only Kendrick Store that was opened at that time. It was 21:00. They never closed early, having the assurance they were protected by police and Shamar’s gang. They operated their business late into the night.

It was then he had serious panic attack, and he found it hard breathing, his legs seized. He collapsed on the steel frame of one of the street lights. He tried to open his mouth but he could not. Tried to call out to the others but could not. This had never happened to him. When other members of his gang noticed he wasn’t giving any directive, they walked up to him. Instead of robbing the store, they took him to the hospital.


In this post, a perfect example of narrative essay has been presented. You should know that narrative essay is simply more or less a story. You should know how to write a story and you would be sure of writing a good narrative essay.  

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