Example of 5 Paragraph Essays

Essays can be of any length. In schools and for school work, 5 paragraph essays are usually given as test or assignment. Thus, it is important for us to show you example of 5-paragraph essay.

This essay type does not take much time to right. If you follow the guidelines of writing any essay, then you can get it right. You have to keep the topic and thesis of your essay in mind. You also have to note that the essay would have beginning, middle and end like it is supposed to. You can read our posts (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper, How to Write APA and MLA Essay, and How to Write an Essay) to know more about essay writing.

You also have to know that the essay has to be concise. This means all you have to say about the topic should enter in a small space of 5 paragraphs. Use the examples we are presenting below to construct your essay.

Example of 5 Paragraph Essays

Example 1

Health, Safety and Environment Policy of Julius Berger Nigeria PLC

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC has maintained a good standard over the years. The interest of the customers is considered, and the interest and growth of the workers is considered, too. Precautions and working guidelines are strictly adhered to. This is to keep to the standard the company has set.

Julius Berger has a great corporate and official responsibility. The company considers one of the its “principle,” the idea of safeguarding the health of the workers, very important. To do this, the company enacted and continues to maintain a vibrant HSE (Health, Safety and Environment Policy). To take care for the well being of the workers is considered the same as to care for the success of projects. They are given the same priority.

The company has enacted the principles listed in the OHSAS 18001 standard in order to keep in line with one of its foremost workers’ policy. Julius Berger Nigeria PLC works in line with an HSE Management System that facilitates workers’ welfare and improvement. The major principles of this method and policy are: employing HSE objectives and guidelines in all the mode of operation and other processes of the business, ensuring there is a great HSE performance, guiding workers on HSE policy and its adherence in operation, and abiding to HSE guidelines and policy thoroughly.

To ensure effective HSE performance, the Managing Director ensures there is compliance, and this is done by working with the head of all the units in the company to ensure compliance in all the units. There is also a focus on the company’s subcontractors, and a consistent enquiry of their operations to ensure the HSE policy is adhered to thoroughly.

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and workers’ welfare. The company will continue to uphold this standard. HSE policy of the company is important.

Example 2

Instagram Reels: How to Use the App and the Benefit

Instragram reels is an exciting feature added onto the app. It makes Instragram to be video-centric like other new social media apps springing up. There are different situations you use the Instagram reel feature on Instagram. You use Instagram Reels when you want to showcase your memorable moment. You also use it to make people know a particular stuff, like how a person can cut off the spread of coronavirus. You can also use it as a vital part of your digital marketing campaign. How do you use this feature?

The first step of utilizing the feature is recording a good video. A good video should have a great display and sound quality. You should make the video as professional as possible. Avoid sound echo and poor visual ability. You can shoot many videos and then choose one. You have to make the video shoot short, not longer than 30 seconds. You log on to Instagram and make use of the feature to upload the video. There you have it. It will become your Instagram reels that tens of hundred of people would get to see.

Moving on to the next one, we’ll be discussing the benefits of this feature, especially in the aspect of digital marketing. There are many benefits of using this feature on Instagram, and we’ll mention few of them. One, you can utilize it in executing your digital marketing campaign.

Two, you use this feature as sort of an avenue for training and passing on of knowledge. If there is something you want people beyond your reach to know, you can use this feature. One very VITAL importance of this feature is that it can appear to users who aren’t even on your feed. There are over 1 billion users of Instagram–they are your reach when you upload infos and posts through Instagram reel.

You can use it to pass information faster than any other feature on Instagram. More people get to see your reels and it lasts longer for viewers than the regular story or posts that get hidden in hundreds of posts. There are also other useful actions you can take with this feature of Instagram.


This example of 5 paragraph essays can help you out in writing out your essay. You simply have to know the basics of essay writing. Once you get your essay right in all way, and passed the information needed, you would get a good score for yourself.

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