Evaluation Essay Example

In this post, we’ll be presenting evaluation essay example to guide you on how to write an evaluation essay. There is really nothing big in writing an evaluation essay. You just have to stick to the best process, and you would be properly guided.

You should know that evaluation essay is when you critically study a subject matter or a phenomenon. Thus, you critically weigh the features, characteristics, the negative side, the positive side, and the other details about the subject matter. When evaluating the subject matter, you do it fully and critically.

You can discover more about this with the example we are to post below. You can follow the example we are presenting below to write yours, and you have high assurance of getting good grades.  

Evaluation Essay Example

Example 1: An Essay evaluating the music career of popular African artist, Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s international success in 2018 came as a massive surprise to a lot of music critics and fans in Nigeria. Although he had been doing music constantly for some years since his breakthrough in 2013, his success was not much recognized in Nigeria. Burna Boy lived in the UK, recording and releasing his songs there. Over here in Nigeria, his songs were not much of a success after his breakthrough song and his first album.

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu better known by the stage name, Burna Boy, was born in the southern city of Port Harcourt on 2 July 1991. He is a song writer, a rapper and a singer. He is well known and considered as one of the most talented artists in Nigeria. He was born in Port Harcourt, but grew up more in Lagos and around Lagos before he travelled to the UK for his university studies.

He had his breakthrough into the Nigerian music industry with the release of his first album, L.I.F.E in 2013. Singles from the album like “Like to Party,” “Run my Race,” “Yawa Dey” and “Tonight” drew considerable attention to the album. “Like to Party” was the lead single in the album, and gained a good amount of playtime in Nigeria and some other countries. The other singles also received good airplay in Nigeria and some other countries. At this point, critics noticed the new style of Burna Boy, and his sound and rhythm; however, Nigerian music fans were not well cut out for this for the unique sound and style. While Burna Boy was nominated for next rated category of the Headies award, he could not win it.

After that, Burna Boy continued to work on his craft and release songs after songs and albums. This did not come to the notice of most Nigerians. First, Burna Boy recorded and released his songs in the UK, and secondly, Nigerians did not buy the style and sound of his songs. While Wizkid and Davido who came out first and shortly before Burna Boy’s breakthrough captured the heart of music lovers in Nigeria, it was not the same for Burna Boy. Burna Boy had to continuously do his music with little or no recognition from his country men and his country of residence.

In all these years that Nigerians had overlooked the artist, he released his second album, On a Spaceship, in 2015.

Example 2: An essay evaluating the music career of the popular African artist, Davido


David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known by his stage name, Davido, was born on November 21, 1992. His father is a billionaire business man and his mother was a lecturer. Due to his father’s status and wealth, he was born in USA, and has spent most of his time traveling and growing up between USA, Britain and Nigeria.  

Davido’s breakthrough in the industry happened with his first single, “Dami Duro” in 2011. The song was a commercial success, but it was nowhere near a critic’s success. The song received mostly negative reviews from music critics who deemed the lyrics and the ryhthm incomprehensible. However, this did not in any way affect the success of the single. It didn’t also affect Davido’s rise as a singer in the Nigerian music  industry.

Davido’s rise in the industry has often been criticized by fans and critics to be facilitated by the stimulus funds provided by his billionaire father. This has encouraged the rivalry between Davido and Wizkid, and some other musicians who are believed to be assisted by their talents alone, unlike Davido whose lyrics is incomprehensible and helped by his father’s status and wealth. This criticism has been proved wrong by Davido.

Davido released other hits in 2012, before he launched his album, Omo Baba Olowo, at a massive event in Lagos in 2012. His first album was a hit back to back, even though it still attracted the ire of music critics, it found favour in a good number of Nigerian listeners and received constant airplay. The album and his lead single got him the next rated award at Headies and other awards, local and foreign.

After the success of his first album, Davido did not relax or quit making jams for his audience. He released hit singles  in the Nigerian music industry. There was “Gobe,” “Aye,” “One of a Kind,” and “Skelewu” among others that brought Davido’s popularity up and further in the eyes of his fans and other listeners in Nigeria. Of all the songs he did at this point, “Skelewu” was his most successful, and it hit the music industry with much controversy and popularity.

Before the release of “Skelewu,” the song was leaked, and the supposed to be official video was leaked, too. Davido also did tutorial dance videos for the song that caught the attention of the masses, and so anytime the song was played, the dance was added along. The song had two videos. It was a monster hit in the Nigerian and African music industry.

Due to his continuous release of singles, Davido stated that he had an upcoming album in view. This was before he signed a contract with Sony Music who would be his distributor and label in the US. After his deal with Sony Music, Davido was off the music industry for sometime.

Nevertheless, he came back with his voice still the same, but a partly different style of music. Most of the videos of his song were then shot in the US, possibly because of his focus on capturing the attention of US listeners. His change of style has often been attributed by music critics as a ploy to capture the interest of foreign listeners, especially with his focus on America.

He released “If” and “Fall” at this period of his epiphany. His change of style and sound brought in a good recognition for him. These songs acted as his breakthrough in the international music scene. These songs reach a good level of success in charts across the world especially on American and British Music charts. On YouTube, the songs’ videos attracted wild views from watchers and made a good amount of money for Davido. Till date the songs are among the most watched African videos on YouTube.

After sometime, he released “Fia,” which was also widely accepted in the music market and celebrated by critics. “Fia” like “If” and “Fall” was a hit. It topped music charts across the world.

While working with Sony Music, Davido still had his record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW).  His record label grew a lot while he was searching for international listeners for his songs. He signed in lots of talents to his label and they grew under his label. Singers like Mayorkun flourished in DMW, their talents seeping forth, with lots of awards to come with them. Since 2016 that the label was founded by Davido until its growth to this moment, it has come to be considered as one of the best labels in Nigeria with considerable number of talents.

Another hit single at this period whose success was facilitated by the controversy surrounding his relationship with Chioma was “Assurance.” This song caught the attention of his fans  more not necessarily because of the rhythm or the beat; it had become the top gossip material for people and fans  alike.  Right after the song dropped, it sold and was accepted like wildfire.

Davido released his second studio album, A Good Time, in 2019 to mixed review.  Unlike his first album that generated negative reviews from critics, this album had some positive reviews from  critics. The album was a commercial success. Notwithstanding that singles from the album had made top charts in Africa, UK , US and some other countries, the album in its entirety was still a success.

In 2020, Davido stated that he was working on his third studio album at a time the world was on lockdown and there was massive restriction of movement. Later in the year with the agitation of the youths against SARS, Davido became an important and vibrant personality in the movement. He was present at some meetings involving the youths and the government.

Right after the end SARS movement, he released his third studio album, A Better Time. This album has not been much of a success. Then in 2021, he was part of the cast of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America 2.


Reading through these evaluation essay example, you can get to know how to write evaluation essays. It does not take much time and mental stress. It is not something that would get to confuse. Simply follow the right steps, and there you have it.

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