Essay about Yourself

Essay about yourself should be one of the easiest types of essay to write about. It is often a narrative essay about yourself. You tell an intriguing story about yourself. In writing this essay, you should not just write any essay at all, you should make it different and unique. The personal story you write here should be an emotional and intriguing story.

The issue is that in cases where you are mandated to write a personal essay, there are also hundreds of other people gearing to write the same essay type. Your own can only stand out if the way you tell your story is different and unique. If everyone is writing about themselves as which school they attend and what they are passionate about, you can write about your struggle with masturbation or how psychologically wounded you are by the taunting of others about you.

If your essay is unique, and connects to the reader emotionally, there is a big tendency you would perform better than others. This is the reason why some novels sell better than others. Personal stories differ, and people tend to connect more to very emotional stories. Below, we’ll be guiding you on how best to write this essay type:

Essay about Yourself

This essay is most at times a factual account about yourself. However, even though it is supposed to be factual, you should do well to make it emotional. Strike the emotional side of the reader. Make your story memorable for the reader as such that he or she never gets it off their mind.

This is the structure you should follow to write this killing essay type:

Title: The title should be an interesting title that would edge on the reader to discover more about your story. Example is “How I survived Suicide” or “My Strained Relationship with my Mum.” It should be centred on the page and appear in bold letters.

Introduction: The hook of the essay appears in the first sentence of the introduction. The hook is what captures the full attention of the reader and pushes him towards discovering more about the essay. You should make it short, use active voice, and use a style that would make the reader want more.

The hook and thesis statement can come together. However, if they cannot come together. The thesis statement should come immediately after the hook. You should also make it intriguing for the reader. After stating the thesis statement, you give a description of what prompted you to tell the story and why you feel it is important.

Your introduction can be one or two paragraphs.

Body: Since this essay type is more of like a story. You should organize it in a plot-like arrangement with a beginning, middle, and an end. There should be a rise in the tempo of the events as such that tension builds up in the reader to want to know more.

It is also best if you write in a style that is purely narrative and showing. The style you use would be a great effect on the reader if he should continue or not. Make your writing style an interesting one to read; it can be limiting for the reader if the style is not flexible or creative for him.

Use more of active voice and simple sentences in narration. Describe or narrate the actions of your characters well. Each of your character should be distinctive and different. Of course, they are people you know, so write about them like you really know them very well.

The background and setting should also be well-described. The body can be from three to ten paragraphs or more depending on how much you’re instructed to write.

Conclusion: Here you reiterate why you chose to tell this story, especially as pertaining the moral behind the story. You go on to state why this story and event is significant in your life and how you learned from it. Finally, you make a remark about what people should do to avoid such situations or if they find themselves in that situation.

Your conclusion should be one or two paragraphs.


Essay about yourself is not really a difficult piece of writing to come up with. You have the factual events you want to narrate in your head. You try and find a way to make it as emotional as possible for your readers. You write in good English with proper capitalization, paragraphing, proper structure, and punctuation. Making it as intriguing as you can go is also part of it.

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