Erasing Chidiubem … (Good story online)

— good story online —

Location 1

INT – DAY – Sitting Room

The camera comes on a man and woman with angry eyes focused on each other for 10 seconds. They avert the look after the 10 seconds, only to stare again themselves angrily. They break the look and return the stare. The camera moves around the room capturing the swell of the veins on the neck and the redness in anger on their faces.

Rose:   (stands and shouts). You are here claiming the self-righteous when you are not. You are here telling me that what you did then was a result of you being naive. How then do you think the corrections can be made? How then do you think I can be healed from this mess? I was 18 the, Chidiubem! 18!

Chidiubem: (speaking calmly). I told you I was naive at that point. Roseline, we were all naive and stupid. You were 18, I was 19. I do not think we should put this blame on anyone. It is a thought I still remember and I am disturbed by it. You don’t know how I feel about what we did all those years. We could have prevented all that if we were wiser …

Rose:   Well, we were not! We did it, and we had the passion for each other. We had the hotness for each other. You do not have to rule that out. You do not!

Chidiubem: Then, you should speak of it like what we had did not only have to do with me. I was not the cause of the whole thing. Of course, we were both naive and none of us could have prevented it. We both had absolute love and hotness for each other …

 Rose:  (hissing and stepping her high-heeled shoes on the floor). Stop the nonsense already! Stop it!

— good story online —

Chidiubem: (stands and raises his voice). Why should I stop, huh? So, you expect me to sit here and take all the blame for what happened. Well, I would not. Guess what has happened since after that time? I am no longer that boy who could be easily manipulated. I have grown!

Rose: (makes an astonished look). You have grown? Oh really, you have grown? Is this what you had told me before saying all those things you said to me in the past like your mouth is a running tap water …

Chidiubem: I think you should stop this. Stop this, right now!

Rose:   Why should I stop, huh? I am prickling your conscience? I am disturbing you way too much for you to come to terms with what I am saying? Or you want to shut me up and shove the truth back to my stomach, huh?

Chidiubem: Please, you should stop all these. This is the first day we are meeting after a long while and I do not think we should be having issues. I do not even think we should be having this kind of problem at all. If we should be having then it is not now. It is our first time after such a long time.

Rose:   Have you asked me why I am like this? Have you asked me why I came here today?

— good story online —

Chidiubem: I did not ask. I did not expect that you would be coming for war on our first day long after we had last seen each other. It has been such a long time. Don’t you think so? You were 19 and I was 20 …

Rose:   Cut the crap! I am not here for all those romantic nonsense and going back to the past type of memory. I am here for something else. I am here for you. You made my life miserable …

Chidiubem: (lifts hand in opposition). I did not. Point of correction. I did not! We all made the mistake. We were both young and naive …

Rose:   I did not want to take the pills. You convinced me to do it. (Voice sounds like she wants to be in tears).

Chidiubem: How did I?

Rose:    You convinced me. You made me take those God damn pills that good for nothing chemist who does not know how drugs work gave me. You say we were naive and young? Then, who gave you the heart to suggest something sinister to me? Who?

Chidiubem: (softens heart). I am sorry. This is the reason why I am still apologizing and insisting we were young and naive and we made so much mistake. Do you know how scared I was for that? I was so scared that I thought my heart would leap out of my mouth.

Rose:      Stop shielding your wickedness there!

Chidiubem: (stammers). There were many things that were not our going well in my life at that point. It was the point I was not in really good terms with my parents at home and I was running from many things from there. You know a scared teenager, he can only do what his stupid friends ask him to do.

Rose:     Quit this! You were not scared, you were wicked. Brutal. That’s it. Brutal puts it more on the side that it is supposed to be. You were brutal! (Pauses and begins to pace around). You should not hide under the cloak of naiveness and young age to shield the evil you did!

— good story online —

Chidiubem: What are you saying? We were both naive! I was scared that is why I had to ask you to take the pills. You know me, I could not have asked you to do that in the normal circumstances. This one was beyond my control, and we did things way above our age.

Rose:      (still pacing and walking around). Cut the whole sermon and do not try to be righteous about the whole stuff. You made me do it and that is it. (She gets close to some shelves that has two glass cup on top. She pushes a glass cup down from on top the shelves and it comes crashing down).

Chidiubem:   Jeez! Do you have to do that, Roseline?

Rose:       Do not use my name that way. (Mimics the way he talks). Roseline. Back in school and when we were way younger, at that age you call the naive and so young the age, everyone called me Rose, and so shall it remain. You should not bloody call me Roseline!

Chidiubem: I apologize.

Rose:     Stick to the one everyone knows. Possibly, this is how I got into this mess in the first place.

Chidiubem: All right. I am so sorry for calling you Roseline. However, I do not think this is worth breaking glasses over for. I mean we just got attached. We just got to meet each other and we should not start off on such a bad note.

Rose:        (crying). You were heartless, Chidiubem. You were very heartless.

Chidiubem:  I apologize for all that happened. I deeply apologize for what happened.

Rose:     (shouts and picks another glass cup from on top the shelves and flings it towards Chidiubem, still crying). I do not need your apology! Keep it to yourself! Ass hole!

Chidiubem dodges the glass cup and it hits on the wall and shatters. He looks at the shattered glass on the floor in horror, looks back at Rose in horror.

— good story online —

Light Fades

Location 2

EXT – DAY – Verandah

Rose and Chidiubem are sitting relaxed in mind and body on the verandah. They are sitting on plastic back seats. They are not looking at each other. They are just staring into space and taking glances at each other.  There is no sure sign of anger between them, but the atmosphere is not that relaxed for them to talk as they like. The scene is quiet for like 7 seconds, the camera capturing the silence and the tension before they begin to speak. There is a plastic table close to them with water bottles placed on them.

Rose:      (starting to speak slowly). I am driven by emotions and fear and scare. It has been such a long time since we last met. Do you remember that after the day you threw yourself at me and missed, we’ve not seen each other again? You had left me hurriedly, taking only a few things, you had even refused to talk to me.

Chidiubem: (nods). Yes, I do.

Rose:      Now, I smile and wish that it had never happened the way it happened. That we had not made such mistake and we were never separated after our disagreement and fight. That I had not accused you of being a wicked person, that I should have trusted you well enough.

Chidiubem: (turns to stare at her briefly before he averted his gaze).

Rose:      It has been more so many years since we had last seen each other, and a lot has happened since then. How many years has it been really? When I first saw death come to me, draped in a colourful long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans trousers in the name of husband I would have written to you, or I would have written to anybody.

Chidiubem: I cannot remember the exact number, but it has been quite some time.

— good story online —

Rose:     I should have written to you and described how peaceful his eyes were and how calm his smile was. This was some few years ago when the pangs of headache began a bit and later grew to the monster raging in my head like a thousand demons.

Chidiubem: (places his gaze upon her briefly). Really? Are you really serious about this matter?

Rose:       You should wait a bit for I am not done in what I am meant to say. My husband came, and I was sort of alone in this kind of situation, my eyes fixed at the roof always, a book in my hands when he came. He looked like a young man in his early twenties; he was slim and tall.

Chidiubem: It is nice to hear all of these about your husband.

Rose:     My husband used to be a good man. He looked like a nerd. You remember those nerd you often told me about in our secondary school? There were other ones in our school. When I saw him, I almost jumped, because I knew that I had bolted my heart. The story goes this way …

Light Fades.

Location 3


INT/DAY – Inside a Restaurant

Camera flashes on the younger Rose and her husband alone in a small restaurant.

 Husband: (comes up to her table). Hello. (Smiling).

— good story online —

Rose:       (takes a deep breath). Who  are you? How did you get to know me? (She shifted on where I was sitting). 

Husband: Calm down. (He walked closer, his approach made her retreat further). You do not have be scared of me. I am part of the earth. I will always be. It seemed kind of awkward, because apart from you I have not approached anyone this deep that I knew again. You were my first and it seems it will take long before I get over it.

Rose:     (visibly touched by what he said. She looks downcast and deep in thought for 2 seconds before she speaks). I am touched by your sincerity. You are also my first, and in all these years, I have not gotten someone to speak to me closely and directly …

Husband: (shocked a bit). Wow, are you for real right now?

Rose:     However, what are you saying, because I do not seem to understand where all of this is heading to? I had assumed before that you were someone who did not know much about these things like me, and that you had come in through the window to steal my heart and break it like my first guy did …

Husband: (shakes head). No, I am not like that.

Rose:      How will I know? You come into my space of a body through the wrong way and you talk to me in parables … Are you set to break my heart?

Husband:  Shh. (He pressed his finger against his thin lips. He walked closer and stood. He stared at her, turned to look at the opened window by her side side where she was sitting and the flower vase beside it. He fixed his eyes on her). You do not have to say that. I am love itself. I cherish and give lots of love. (Turning to fix his eyes on Rose). I hope you do not abandon me after what you the first person did to you?

Rose:       (shakes head). No, I will not abandon you.

Husband: (face downcast). I apologize for what the other person did to you, and insist that you were never meant to be like that.

Rose:      (ignores his statement and continues in her speech). What! You must be crazy! You are apologizing for what you did not do and for an offence you did not commit.

Husband: Shh. I have only come to meet you so that you can prepare and get ready for me. The love I exude is inevitable. I like you, and this is the reason why I have come to inform you. My heart has turned inside me ever since I met you.

Rose:      You know you got me worried with all these things you say, and this makes me look at the door always, because I am worried. (Voice rising a bit). Just go away. Get out of here. You are a heart breaker like the others! (Stands and points to the door).

The Husband stands a bit and looks at her pleadingly before he begins to leave. The camera focuses on his slumped shoulders as he walks out of the restaurant.

— good story online —

Light Fades.

Location 4

NOW … flashes on the screen.

EXT – DAY – Verandah

Camera comes on Chidiubem and Rose sitting in the verandah as they were sitting in Location 2.

Chidiubem: What? You did what? This must have been really heart breaking for him. I mean if I get the story right, you guys were in a public place I think. It must have been embarrassing as well as heart breaking for him.

Rose:     Pathetic! So you are guilt tripping me now? You are guilt tripping me? You have no right, because if you had not done what you did, we would not be speaking of all these in the first place …!

Chidiubem: (cuts in). I would love to know why you came here by the way, you have not told me the reason why you came here.

— good story online —

Rose:    That one is for later and not now. I would love to complete my story first. (Looks briefly at him). Should I continue with my story?

Chidiubem: Yes, you can continue with your story if you want.

Rose:     So after shouting at him, he left. I went home and could not stop talking about him to myself. I mean he is the one that I had turned me on for a long time after you did. He had some sort of the kind of body I liked. Tall. Bulky and muscled, with all the right biceps and muscle build in all the right places. I was glad.

Chidiubem: So you really admired me like that? I never got to know. (Smile). I know you loved me, but I did not know you admired my physical look that way. All my life since after our love, I had come to see you as someone who loved me for who I am and not how hot I looked.  

Rose:      Then, you did not think something must have attracted me to you? I mean there were other boys in the class, but you were the one I fell into his arm. You did not think about that? By the way, I loved you beyond whatever physical look you had, and you know that. (Pauses for sometime and then continues the story).

Chidiubem: You did?

Rose:      (ignores and continues). So, I always thought aloud about him until one day my mother made a loud knock on my door. Rose, whose in there with you?  she asked. It was kind of funny for my mother to catch me talking to myself. (Smiles).

Chidiubem: (smiles and speaks calmly afterwards). You must have been really moved and attracted to him, you know. Even the way you are gushing says you really liked him. So, did he come to you again?

Rose:      We met again at the same spot, a restaurant I ate. Once I saw him, my happiness deflated and I shouted, go away. Get out of here! What do you want from me? He began to laugh, a loud thunderous laugh that reverberated in the restaurant. I stared at him, amazed.

Chidiubem: It must have been really embarrassing for you and him playing all those love in the restaurant like that. If it was me, I would find it kind of strange to be part of that kind of story and embarrassment in the front of everyone like that.

Rose:     Well, we got to know each other better and here we are. I am still in love with him after all these years, but the love has become tortuous and really getting on my neck and into my brain. That man who I had all these strange conversations with is my husband that I do not know what is going on …

— good story online —

Chidiubem: (turns an astonished look towards her). Your what? Wow.

Rose:       (stands). Why do you look so shocked? You expected me to tell you that we no longer have a thing? Or that the whole stuff did not work out as we would have expected. No. It was not that bad. It worked fine. (Walks away a bit and goes to the railing at the edge of the verandah to hold hands there and look out).

Chidiubem: (sober). No, it is not that.

Rose:     (mimics him). Yes, I know it is not that. However, we do not have it going smooth now. It has been five years since we have been married, and no child yet.

Chidiubem: I am deeply sorry to hear that …

Rose:      (smirks). You should be more deeply sorry than you are. You have made my life a living hell. My man that used to be a joyous and happy man is no longer happy with me at all. We are now living like cat and dog every day.

Chidiubem: (stands and shouts). I have told you to stop blaming me! How am I the cause of the unhappiness between your husband and you?

Rose:      (turns to him and frowns, raises voice). Now, you are asking me that hypocritical question? Like are you really asking me that question? Dude, the pill you gave me has damaged my womb.

— good story online —

Chidiubem: (face shocked). What? (Places both hands on his head).

Light Fades.

Location 5

INT – DAY  – Inside House

The camera comes on Chidiubem standing on the opposites sides of themselves, their backs turned on themselves. They folded their arms over their chests and stare into the space. Their faces are frowned and the faces are not in any way relaxed. The atmosphere is pretty much tensed.

Chidiubem: (voice raised). Tell me, what do you want me to do?  Why bring up this now? There is nothing I can do.

Rose:       (stays silent for over 5 seconds and does not make a sound at all before she speaks in a loud booming voice). Really? There is nothing you can do? This is exactly what I would have expected from you. Nothing else, you still as evil as you were and the same as all men! The body of a woman is meant for sex and babies, and once you do not get these, it becomes a case.

Chidiubem: Point of correction, I am not like that! I did not intend for all these that happened to happen. I was scared. Do you think I was happy telling you to take those pills? Clearly, I was not and you have to believe me.

Rose:     (speaks calmly). In the recent times, I have been having some sad thoughts. I stare at the empty space and wished death could come. I stared, and the loud knocks on my door that came sometime seemed distant. I would be fixed at that spot for a while or longer and just mope.

Chidiubem: (face shows shock). This is quite shocking.

Rose:    My husband’s louder knock would come repeatedly after cursing me for being barren, and his angry voice would not shake me out of it. I stared at the empty space until he knocked for a long time and left without disturbing much.

Chidiubem: I am really sorry for all these. I wish I could have turned the hands of time and stopped this.

Rose:     (ignores him).  At some nights I would wobble out of the room to the garden outside the house. It would be me and my husband’s white bulldog that were there, sitting on a ground. It would look up at me; it would be surprised to see me. I seldom stayed up to that time.

— good story online —

Chidiubem: That is traumatic.

Rose:     The dog there kept me company in that lonely house. I would walk towards it and watch it eat for a while before I walked back to my room, having a new rebirth. This happened all the time we argued about children and he would always say bad things about me because I do not give him children.

Chidiubem: (softens voice). Is there something I can do to salvage the situation? Please tell me. Is there something I can do to salvage the situation?

Rose:     (ignores him again). The thing have become so bad that any day we have bad quarrel the next day, I go to my parents and tell them about the whole nightmare. Apart from the literal hell and nightmare I was living in, I usually have nightmare due to the toxicity of the environment and marriage. Death would visit me in my dreams …

Chidiubem:  What?

Rose:     Yes. I will inform my husband to see if he could stop being toxic. He would say that I was talking in my sleep when he knocked on my door. I began to wonder. I then told him I saw Death. He never agrees. When I persist that what I saw was real, he gave me a stern look and kept quiet.

Chidiubem: You mean this?

— good story online —

Rose:     Of course, I do.  I persisted, and it made him yell at me, Rose, what you saw was a mere dream and nothing more! You are just spewing nonsense! He would leave me where I was. The worst thing is that he no longer trusted me and thought I could descend so low as to lie.

Chidiubem: I apologize on his behalf, I know he never meant it that way.

Rose:     (begins to cry loudly). What will I do? How am I supposed to bear children for my husband for us to go back to who we used to be? He has totally changed from the loving, hot and handsome man he used to be. I had even begin to forget all about you. (She moves to sit on a sofa nearby. There she cries more and takes handkerchief from her purse to wipe her nose and eyes).

Chidiubem: (walks to her and sits beside her, then he places a hand on her shoulder). What can I do to help. I will do my possible best to see that this issue is solved or reduced.

Rose:      (sniffles and blows her nose into her handkerchief). Please can you help me lock all your doors and windows leading to the outside?

Chidiubem: (shocked voice and emotion). What?

Rose: You said you would do anything to help out and make me feel better, right?

— good story online —

Chidiubem: Well. Yes. I could … But this one seems so strange …

Rose:     Please, I would love it if you  did this, because it will make me feel better and unfreeze my heart from all these terror it is currently undergoing …

— good story online —

Chidiubem:  (pauses and looks at her). You sure about this? Okay, I will do it if it will make you feel better. (Stands).

Light Fades.

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