Definition of an Essay

An essay can be defined in different ways by different people. In this post, we’ll be giving our best definition of an essay. With this definition, you can get to understand what is an essay fully and know how to work on having a good essay.

Essay can best be defined as a piece of writing in sentences and paragraphs with a clear message, and with the intention of passing across that message. Essay writing is clearly different from other pieces of writing. It is also more of an intellectual piece unlike other pieces of writing that are creative or otherwise. With an essay, your writing should be serious and interactive. Essay writing deals with facts.

Essay can be of different types and levels. Below, we’ll be presenting a broader definition and meaning of an essay.

Definition of an Essay 

Essay writing has a procedure so you need to know the definition of an essay, and the constant use and practising of the process and procedure to be able to perfectly be good at essay writing. It does not take much to know how to be a good essay writer, however, you need constant practise and study.

Before you get to know the details of essay writing, you should know what’s an essay, the types of essay and other features of an essay. Below are necessary questions you should note and know about essays:

What is an Essay? 

An essay is a piece of writing often written in well-organized paragraphs meant to convey an intended message. It is written to be clear and understandable for the readers. It should have a title, an introduction, main body and conclusion. There are different types of essays and modes of writing this essay.

What are the Types of Essay?

For students of English Language or any other language subjects or courses, there are four types of essay–argumentative, narrative, expository and descriptive essays. However, due to how dynamic the advancement of human civilization is and the educational system, essays have incorporated other writings like research paper, literary criticism, dissertation, undergraduate, personal statement, biographical stories, regular school assignment and many more to be essays.

What makes a Good Essay?

The features of a good essay include that it must be chronologically well-arranged as such that title comes first, followed by introduction, body and conclusion. A good essay should be written in perfect and correct English or the language you’re using–the grammar, punctuation, arrangement/structure and capitalization should be correct. Most importantly, your essay should completely treat the topic and present good or quality content.


Definition of an essay should not be a problem for you after reading this post. You can also read more about essay writing (How to Write an Essay and How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper) to learn how to write it and present it. Essays are good pieces of writing that are not only informational, they are also educative.

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