Concluding Essay Examples

How to write concluding part of an essay could be a daunting task for anyone. For experts at essay writing, it is somewhat like a general knowledge that the beginning and concluding parts of an essay make or mar the essay. A good conclusion means a lot in essay writing. In this post, we’ll be presenting to you concluding essay examples.

These concluding essay examples are to act like some sort of guide in how you write the conclusion of your essay. Reading them, you should learn how to wrap up your essay in a very great way. Writing a good conclusion for an essay ensures you score the high mark you need.

Concluding Essay Examples

Example 1

4.0 Conclusion

This paper has so far explored African norms, globalization, and the effects. Globalization seems to be a benefit instead of a problem to other countries and continents, but it is not a benefit in Africa. Right from colonization to globalization as has been traced in this paper, none was hugely beneficial to Africa. Globalization has dislodged Africans from their norms, and still, there are not many benefits gained from it.

Example 2

4.0 Conclusion

There is a rampant infrastructural challenge in the country. These infrastructural challenges have not been stopped by successive governments that the country has had. This lack of capacity of the government to solve these challenges affects the output of businesses, especially those in the informal sector, thereby affecting the growth of the economy. The informal sector’s performance is adversely affected and that of the lives of the people in it as well.

Example 3

4.0 Conclusion

The Nigerian political structure and system are terribly corrupt, and this affects the transparency and effectiveness of all other systems in the country. The politicians in the system also do not help the situation as their selfishness and heartlessness make it worse than the system presents to them. This one of the chief reasons why they mismanaged the palliatives handed to them to present to the vulnerable Nigerians. 


Having read these concluding essay examples, you can note that they are different in how they wrap up their essays. The differences do not remove how they quickly summarize the contents of their essays, briefly presented recommendations, and then state the thesis of their essays. Thus, you should note that your conclusion of an essay should be short, and the content should include a brief summary of your essay, the recommendations and then the thesis of your essay.

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