Character Analysis Essay

Character analysis essay can be written in a very easy way that would make you score good marks. Are you a Literary Studies student or in the Department of English and Creative Writing? There is a way you can write character analysis essay to score great marks in your assignments and examination. In this post, we’ll be presenting you that way.

First of all, you need to know what is character analysis essay before you get into writing one. You should know what is a character and how to analyze one. We’ll be starting with questions to make you understand this.

What and Who is a Character?

A character is an individual or object creation in a literary work of art. This character performs actions and carry out activities in the work of art. The plot of this literary work of art usually revolves around these characters. This character or these characters can be humans, animals or mere objects so far they perform the actions in the work and the storyline revolves around them.

What is Character Analysis?

Character analysis is when you interpret and analyze in a literary work of art. By analyzing this character, you critically and objectively interpret the roles, actions and outlook of the characters. You discuss the contributions of these characters to the work of art–their good and bad sides. When doing this character analysis, it should be well and fully done.

How to Write Character Analysis Essay

First Step: The first step you should take is to read and understand the literary work of art to know the actions and activities of the character. You cannot write much or fully analyze the character without reading all of the work. Thus, be it novel or play or short story or any work at all, you should read it fully.

Second Step: When reading, you can isolate the character or characters you want to write about and study their actions, activities, and words in the work. The most important aspect of analyzing a character lies in their contribution to that work. Through their activities and actions, you can get to know their contribution to the development of the plot of that work.

Third Step: You get to know how to write character analysis essay. This type of essay is like any literary criticism essay. There is the title, introduction, body, conclusion, references and other parts of a literary criticism essay. You should follow the format of writing a criticism essay or research paper.

However, if it is a basic classroom assignment, then you can write it like your everyday essay. You should first of all learn how to write a criticism essay or basic essay before getting to write it. In addition, when writing, you should ensure you not only obey the essay rules, equally obey all grammar and content rules.

Fourth Step: You begin writing in the essay in a form free of all types of errors and following the correct essay patterns.


Character analysis essay is not difficult to write. The pertinent thing is that you should read the work. Aside from reading the work, you should know that it is important you isolate the activities of the characters you are analyzing. The activities of the characters should be discussed in your essay relating to their contribution in the development of the plot of your story.

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