Erasing Chidiubem … (Good story online)

This is a good story online that takes you through a woman out for revenge for being used. Read and discover how she plots her revenge. The man who uses her struggles to survive. Would he survive? Find out.

Death House (Story to read Online)

This is a good story to read online, discover as brothers who set out to discover themselves would have to bleed to survive. Would they survive the onslaught that may take their lives? Find out here.


This free story online is one filled with suspense. Discover as a man struggles to become a president facing challenges and cajole.

SCARS ON FOOTPRINTS (Storytime Online)

This is a storytime online that is a fascinating story showing the struggle and perspiration between a couple. Find out the tragedy here.

Night Criminal

Criminal: Are you surprised? I did not want to be taken unaware again. I underrated you before, and I would not let that happen again. A gangster claiming pastor and religious man with innocent face … Never again. (Laughs) It is the end now. Take it …! (He lashes the chain at Bayo, Bayo made to dodge it, but he is not fast enough, it tears his skin on his arm, draws blood and his knife drops on the ground).


 You were informed by her brother that Rita was stabbed to death. Rita had gone alone to her boyfriend’s house. You knew she had a boyfriend; she made a promise to you that she would inform him that all was over between the two of them. She had gone to his house, and the neighbors heard a scream from their room. When the neighbors called the police, the police came and found the door of the room ajar. Her boyfriend had fled and the lifeless body of Rita was discovered in the room. She was stabbed on the chest.


The next day when Mrs. Isigwe pushed his wheelchair into Deep Healing Power of God Ministry, Emene, Mr. Isigwe still had his mind on this. He remembered how he’d prayed early that morning, fervently and loudly than he’d ever done, and it stunned him how differently he prayed that day. When his Kia car’s brake failed along Zik Avenue, he’d muttered, “God is in control. God is in control.”

Death on the Highway

The bus rolled and rolled. Some of the occupants of the bus shouted “Jesus Christ!”, “Blood of Jesus!”, “Holy Mary!” as the bus rolled and its metals disbanded. When the bus finally stopped rolling, the bus was lifeless like a grave yard.