The Sun Must Shine (Episode 5)

Five years after her graduation, she didn’t get over him like his parents thought she would. She was almost insane. A year after she was separated from George, she began to wear only white to the University of Biberia, where she taught undergraduate students. Her parents knew the reason, but the people outside the family didn’t know.

The Sun Must Shine (Episode 4)

“I love you, George. I don’t care about the philosophy of love of this country. I just want you to tell me that you like me, at least,” she said. George looked at her. She sounded desperate. “I’m ready to pay for your education. I want you to complete your education.”

The Sun Must Shine (Episode 3)

In the fourth month of his work, Ruth took him to the most expensive cafeteria on campus. The cafeteria where all sorts of foreign food were sold. Even without the Foreign Food College Cafeteria written above the rotating glass door of the cafeteria, one could easily tell it was a foreign food cafeteria. George admired the bright colorful lights in the cafeteria, the large tiles on the floor, the air conditioner that roared continuously, and the flowers in vases placed at different parts of the cafeteria.

The Sun Must Shine (Episode 2)

Ruth laughed and said, “That’s not a problem.” George watched her for some seconds before he walked to the driver’s door and opened it. He had just remembered that he was supposed to open the back doors for the young women before he opened his, and he made to go and open it for them. They had already opened it and gotten into the car. He smiled.

The Sun Must Shine (Episode 1)

He turned to the car in front of him. He stared at the black Mercedes for some seconds before he moved his eyes to the large cone shaped arch that stood over the school gates. He read the inscription on the arch. “University of Biberia, Nuka,” he said in low tones. He heard the car behind him horn. He sighed, moved the gear and pressed the accelerator with his foot. “This work will be difficult for me,” he said.

Hauwa Love Tales (Episode 4)

Hamza walked close to her and hugged her. He carressed her hair gently and continuously. “It is all right,” he said as Hauwa wept and sniffled and wept and sniffled. “It’s all right. You don’t have to cry anymore. You won’t marry Alhaji Usman while I am here. We’ll find a way around it.”

Hauwa Love Tales (Episode 3)

An Engaging Hausa Romance

“I find Hauwa really beautiful and I have heard a lot of things about her. I have heard that she is not only beautiful, but smart as well. She is kind, and I know you have trained her so well. This is the reason I would love her to be my final wife. And you know the final wife is always the most loved and official wife. I will take care of her than I do for my other wives. I also promise to give all that she wants. Soon, insha Allah, I will be contesting for Senate position and grow in politics from there.”

Hauwa Love Tales (Episode 2)

An Engaging Romance Story

“Mama, I cannot marry him oh,” Hauwa declared calmly. Her mother looked at her. Rukayat’s face didn’t show surprise and she wasn’t even ready to feign any surprise. “Alhaji Usman already has three wives. Again, he is educated, but he is not young, and he doesn’t support his wives being more learned than him …”

Hauwa Love Tales [Hausa Romantic (Short) Novel] (Episode 1)

An Engaging Hausa Romantic Novel

Alhaji Usman walked away with his cash and clothes. He opened the Jeep’s door, got into it and slammed the door. Next, he drove away in anger and very fast, spilling dust everywhere. Rukayat stood there, her eyes and mouth wide opened; she was thoroughly shocked. Hauwa who had been at the back of the house came out, asking, “Mama, what happened?” to her mother. Rukayat had no words in her mouth and just stared at her daughter.