Chancellor (Episode 2)

The marketing manager spoke. “I think the problem lies in how much the competitors are doing. They are putting in many efforts, devising new strategies to stay on top of the game.” He paused and brought out some papers from his file. “Looking at the figures here, which is that of ours standing side by side with that of competitors, we can say that we are lagging behind in devising new strategies to beat our competitors. Business and competition cannot do without the other …”

Chancellor (Episode 1)

Chancellor Trucks and Logistics was placed on a signpost close to the road. One would pass thinking much is not happening in the company but there was a lot going on beyond the trucks parked in front and the small bungalow. The environment of the trucks and logistics company was eerily quiet outside. 

IRUKA (Story time Online)

Story time online. Discover as Iruka finds out that even after a successful baby delivery she is still being haunted by her culture. Would she break through and find happiness? Find out.

How God is Good (Short Story Online)

They got married at Nsukka in the middle of the year. They were the perfect couple. He was a handsome and talented young man, and the man of the campus. She was beauty on her own. People even said she was more beautiful than any mammy water could be. They had smiling faces on that hot Saturday in Nsukka.

A Man of the People

He will run, he will, or if not, heaven will catch fire. No one will stop him; no one can be able to stop him. He hissed as he descended down the brick steps. He looked back at the building, there was a metal board placed on the front of the building with the inscription, “Where God really works.” He laughed and nodded. Frivolities, lies, this is all they do.


Nobody would ever suspect I committed that hideous crime, even at Onye Uno’s tavern, in the subsequent days, not even one person would throw a suspicious glance, despite my paranoia. But for the rest of my life, I would travel from place to place restlessly with paled face and shadowed eyes, drinking and smoking, looking over my shoulders, beating around the bush whenever I wanted to lift this burden of guilt off my heart and at last would not be able to utter one word of what I have done, and haunted by Akachukwu’s horrified face in his final moment.

Uncle Bad Eyes

In this country, a boss should always be bald and have a very big belly. My uncle isn’t bald, he hasn’t got a big belly, and you don’t realize, the first time you see him, that he’s the actual boss of a big office in the center of town, where everything is brown like the husk of dry season’s groundnut.

Missing Half of a Yellow Sun (A War Story)

Ezinne’s head grew large, larger and larger, until she found peace in her father’s house. Chibuogwu, the almighty and all-knowing one, had killed her inside with his words. She sulked in their room that they now shared with the new wife whose name Ezinne didn’t care to know. The next day when he’d left for market, she had packed their things and told her children to follow her.