Money and Love in the Restaurant (Episode 2)

A Hot Erotica

Getting to the room, the fury in their body exploded and they ravished each other’s body. The fifty shades of grey was mostly gone at that point. As the housekeeper opened the door to the room, they walked in and waited for the house keeper to leave. Right after he left, they fell on each other and started kissing and romancing their bodies and moaning.

Money and Love in the Restaurant (Episode 1)

An Engaging Erotica

Pamela was all loving and looked perfectly hot. She was tall, beautiful, had some nice booty, body, and smiled affectionately at him. The first time they met, the kind of f*ck they had, no one had ever given to him like that. Since then he had stuck to her while they continues in their grey affair.

The Kissing that Lingers (Episode 2)

A Sensational Erotica …

At the beginning it felt strange to Joshua until he had to recover himself and put his heavy arms around and behind her back. He still liked the scent she carried and felt the smoothness of her skin as their skin touched. Joshua hugged her close so fast and so tight that it seemed her back would snap. Ruth laughed out loud.

The Kissing that Lingers (Episode 1)

An Interesting Erotica

“I know a lot must be going through you mind, Joshua. I really know,” she said, taking in some breaths. “Don’t think that I am not in my right mind. I am in my right mind. You see, I have always loved you ever since the first time I set my eyes on you when I escorted my father to his farm when I was fifteen. You saw me as a young teenager then but I fell wild in my admiration of you then.”