Ricardo (A Crime Fiction/Novel) Episode 3

The dining was silent after this. The clinking of metals and chewing were the only sound that were heard. To Ricardo, nothing could disturb their chicken eating at that moment. The awesome taste of the chicken could be tarnished by any distraction, their talking inclusive. The silence in the dining was absolute and heavy at first, then it gave way to the silence of relaxed connection. It was Shamar who broke the silence.

Ricardo (A Crime Fiction/Novel) Episode 2

“Mom, no, I just need to see him, that’s all.” Ricardo was about to turn left and get away totally from their view. So, he stood and watched them. There was nothing largely wrong that he wanted to see to Shamar for, just that he wanted them to discuss the manner through which he would be getting dope supplies from Shamar. He had always got his dope supplies from Shamar, but wanted them to discuss the matter more now and put procedures and deadlines now than before. Shamar was messing up his business sometimes.

Ricardo (A Crime Fiction/Novel)

Their mother looked at Nya with warmth in her eyes. She was trying to speak with her eyes, sort of to let her calm down and understand that her mind shouldn’t be working that way. “We ain’t talking about throwing off your daddy. And why should you be eavesdropping on our conversation?” Her voice was strict toward the end, and Ricardo wandered how she could so easily switch emotions when she spoke. There were many things he admired in his mother.