Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Argumentative Essay is a good essay type you can easily get a good grade in because you can easily flow when you are writing it. Argumentative essay gives you the chance of enjoying it when you make a research on the topic given or when you write it. In the past, we wrote on (How to Write Argumentative Essay), here we will be exploring argumentative essay thesis statement examples.

Before going to the exploration of the topic fully, let us answer questions linked to the topic.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is the type of essay where you are given an essay that is like an argument. You write your thoughts and words based on whether you support or oppose the proposition of the topic. It is more of like an argument. For instance, topic like “Digital Schools or Schools Online, Beneficial or Detrimental?”

What makes a good Argumentative Essay?

What makes a good argumentative essay is sticking to the topic of discussion, bringing and stating many valid points, making a persuasive argument and reaching a good conclusion. The essay should have a hook introduction where you state the topic and your thesis statement, then the body where you make your points, and finally, the conclusion where you wrap up and convincingly state how you fully expressed your point around the topic.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is your statement about the topic and the points you want to make in the essay. This is simply a short version of what you intend writing in the essay. It can be a sentence or a few more. You should make your thesis statement concise and straight to the point.

In the next part of this post, we’ll be giving you argumentative essay thesis statement examples

Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement Examples

  • Digital and Online schools are beneficial more than they are detrimental.
  • Stricter gun control law would do more good than harm.
  • Free abortion law is better than stricter abortion law for various reasons.
  • US schools should introduce learn from home as it would develop the learners in various ways than ignoring the call to do so.
  • Banking and currency should be fully digitalized, it is far better than what is obtained presently.
  • Developing countries’ democratic process should be heavily supervised by greater countries. It is better than being indifferent to it.
  • Video storytelling is better than audio storytelling for its ability to hit home better and other reasons.


Thus, writing a thesis statement in an argumentative essay should not be a problem if you know the right thing to do. You should remember to make sure it is concise, it states your point, and it is engaging and enticing for the reader. Reading this our argumentative essay thesis statement examples above, you should have known deeply how to write an argumentative essay thesis statement.

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