Argumentative Essay Example

In this post, we’ll be exploring argumentative essay example. Writing an argumentative essay is a task that is not difficult. You simply have to know the right way to do it and what is involved. You can read our post to learn (How to Write APA and MLA Essay and How to Write an Essay).

The pertinent thing you have to know is that argumentative essay has to do with argument. When making this argument, it has to be a good argument. Then why writing the essay, you obey all grammar rules and procedures. You should also stick to the procedures and guide for writing an argumentative essay.l

Below, we’ll be helping you get to know this more, we present an example that can help out

Argumentative Essay Example

Essay Question: Support or oppose the idea that promoting rights to gun ownership is better than banning gun in the United States.

Promoting Right to Gun Ownership in the United States

The Chairman and Director

The Panel of Judges

The Time Keeper

My Co-debators

The Students


Standing on the existing protocol

I write in support of the motion that promoting rights to gun ownership is better than banning gun in the United States. This is on the backdrop of the increase in the spate of gun violence in the United States. There have been several debates as to whether gun should be banned or not. I write to state that banning gun would do more harm than good.

Firstly, more than 30% of Americans own a gun. From the time of the fight of the independence of America, Americans have always loved owning a gun. There was little or no records to show how all the guns were used but it can be stated that it solved a lot of needs for Americans. Taking away these guns won’t be easy, and Americans won’t love to stay away from their guns.

Secondly, America is a liberal state. In the heart of America is one of its core tenets–liberalism. Most Americans believe its their fundamental right to own a gun. It is like their right to life. Owning a gun gives you the choice of protecting yourself in the face of danger. It is very necessary.

Thirdly, with the increase of deadly crime, insecurity, coupled with mental disorder, it is important people are allowed to own guns for self-defence. The increase in the level of crime, especially as pertaining cases of insanity, has increased the need for guns. In the cases where a citizen is in a high-threat situation, he can save himself from being killed. I believe gun ownership prevents more death and crime than it causes.

Furthermore, America’s large gun ownership is good in terms warding off invasion of any kind. With the large number of guns in Americans’ possession, it would be hard for any invader to fully establish control of the country. To any corner you go to in America, there are people in possession of gun to defend themselves and the country. Then, you should imagine the chaos if there was an invasion of any kind, and American had no guns.

Gun procurement, sales, and transfer, is a whole economy on its own for the United States. It is a large contributing sector to America’s economy. America today is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of weapons around the world. It all started with huge gun ownership in the country. What would happen if gun ownership is banned?

If gun is banned, the entire value chain of the weapon industry would be affected. It does not only mean more crime to the US, it also means a good decline in revenue generation and expansion of our economy.

I reassert my point that promoting rights to gun ownership is better than banning gun in the United States. Banning guns in the United States would create more problems instead of solving them. The government should provide better security, introduce and enforce mental evaluation for its citizenry, and work towards better orientation against hate of all forms in the country. These would solve gun violence and crime associated with gun ownership than banning the gun ownership.


Argumentative essay example presented to you above could help you a lot in writing yours. You simply have to know how a good essay is written, how to make an argument, and how to present your thoughts grammatically and clear. You should try to do it right, if you do it right, then you do it well.

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