Another Word for Because in an Essay

In essay writing, you need to be changing words constantly so as not to sound the same and boring. This is the reason why it is pertinent you change your use of words interminently in your essay. Changing your use of words helps in your grading as well as you are scored higher if you use mixture of words and not just same words. In this post, we’ll be presenting to you another word for because in an essay.

Another Word for Because in an Essay

Instead of using “because” constantly in your essay, you an use alternative words in your essay. Another word for because in an essay is owing, accordingly, or consequently. Thus, you can use owing to, accordingly, due to, or consequently in place of because in an essay.

Below, we’ll be presenting you with examples of where the change of this apply.

Example of Where this apply …

One: Instead of “He missed his examination because he didn’t pay his school fees.”

You write “He missed his examination owing to the fact that he didn’t pay his fees.”

Two: Instead of “She wrote her novel because she lost her mum.”

You write “She wrote her novel due to she lost her mum.”

Three: Instead of “The spread of the virus is fast because of lack of sex abstinence.”

You write “Lack of sex abstinence consequently leads to the spread of the virus.”


While using any of these words you can use for another word for because, you should make sure they fit in the sentence and mixture of words. If the word you used in the sentence does not fit, then you have a wrong and error sentence. This is not good for your essay.

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