American Dream Essay

American dream essay is often a reoccurring essay type and essay topic in English classes. This is why it is important you get to know how to write it properly to score good mark. This essay is just like every other type and content of an essay; you follow the procedures, guidelines, and obey all grammatical rules, you are good to go.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to go about writing an American dream essay. Unlike other posts or what you have heard about the American dream essay, in this post, we’ll be giving a fresh and different perspective. Your essay has to be unique, different, and of good quality, if you intend to score high in your essay.

However, before we go into the details, you can read our posts about essay writing ( ). It is when you know the basic about essay writing that you can easily get to know how to go about writing this type and content of essay. In this post, we’ll be starting with defining and explaining American dream.

What is American Dream?

America is considered a continent but mostly known as a name used in recognizing the powerhouse of the continent, the United States. Thus, America in this post refers to the US. America, as a country, was built mainly by the manpower and intellect of migrants and foreigners. At the point of discovery of the country by Europeans, it was believed the country held great wealth opportunities for anyone who worked hard.

Thus, planning or moving to the US was considered as a dream or plan towards greatness; hence, the American dream.

The American dream denotes aspiration or desire for growth towards greatness. America has lots of opportunities. Lots of wealth. It is the popular belief that being in America, an individual has increased chances of greatness.

However, in this post, we’re proposing that you shouldn’t just write your essay as plain as this. America is changing, the environment and country is sliding a little, and people tend to experience all forms of shock on moving to the US. While the other students focus on writing about the plain American dream, write something true and different.

How and What should I write in my American Dream Essay?

You shouldn’t be plan, and go on in your essay writing plainly about the greatness of America: how it holds opportunities for people and all. Be unique and different. Are you writing this essay as someone who is a migrant or child of a migrant or a foreigner to the US or a citizen who knows some migrants? Write about the American dream, and the condition of migrants; in addition to this, what are the experiences of these migrants?

  • The introduction of the essay should be defining or narrating the American dream.
  • The body should be about the experiences or situation of this dream.
  • The conclusion should be making a statement or you final view about the American dream.

Example of an American Dream Essay

My American Dream

American dream is like liquor. There has to be a moderation or you choke by it. My own American dream was a thug of war, I got too excited, and got choked up by it.

People tend to act funny when I open up about my American dream. Of course, it is not that they don’t have similar experience. They do. However, this part of this dream is what they choose to tuck away. I bring it forward, rub it on my face, make it shine, because we can’t keep shying away from the truth.

My America dream began with my desire to be like the man in Andrew Checking Out. It was a commercial I watched back in Nigeria, presenting the US as an eldorado sort of. The US was presented as simply GOOD. There were jobs, people ate to their satisfaction, there was enough money to be made, no discrimination, and all the good stuff one could think of.

I was elated. I was pleased. For me, there was no hope for me in my country. I couldn’t hide my joy as I got a scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Business Administration. Possibly, I won’t have considered that American dram is like liquor if not that my excitement for this country blew people away, and then on stepping into the country, and seeing it for what it is, I got shattered and bruised.

My dream of greatness, of securing a job after my studies, of building an empire, of being comfortable, washed off before my own eyes. Instead of what I had hoped for, I got introduced into America’s rat race scheme. I did elevate myself from poverty but it wasn’t the comfort I sought and hoped for that I discovered.

My American dream changed from rosy dreaming to a chaotic reality that choked me, stiffened me, and I am still shocked!


The best way to go about writing your American dream essay is to choose the narrative essay type. Of course, you can choose to write the essay as descriptive and expository essay. However, writing it as a narrative essay would pass your message better, and make it clearer. You only avoid making it narrative if there’s strict rule against writing it as narrative.

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