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Blithe Up is a platform where lovers and makers of stories connect to explore the fun and love of stories and essays. Stories and essays have the capacity to make, grow and nourish people. With stories, you travel beyond your physical presence and place to another realm. Stories and essays bring you to other worlds and expands your mind beyond your limits. You can be greater than what you are with stories.

This platform was established based on the founder’s love of storytelling.

Of course, there seems to be many website of stories already but this didn’t deter the establishment of Blithe Up. Blithe Up is created with a vision to connect storytellers, story lovers, idea generators, idealists, the intelligentsia and readers on a platform that widens their understanding.

This platform plans to break into the list of top ten storytelling and idea generating and sharing platforms in the world by the end of 2025.

What we have here is a platform of love, of idealism, of activism, of the truth, of transcendentalism, and of the future. You believe in a perfect future where most thinks with affectionate heart? We are here to create it.

We believe in that future!

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