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Friendship Essay (500 or 300 words)

Friendship essay is an essay type and theme that is usually demanded from students in all levels of education. Writing a friendship essay is the same way you write other essays. However, whenever you are asked to write an essay about friendship, it is either the essay is descriptive or narrative.

Another Word for Shows in an Essay

Another word for shows in an essay is represents. You should read this post to discover how to write an essay and more details about it.

Thesis Meaning in Hindi

Thesis means थीसिस in Hindi. It is a good thesis meaning in Hindi.

Thesis has different meaning. For one, it can be considered as a research statement. This means it is a statement guiding your research writing. For instance, if you are researching about Tuberculosis in Southern Africa as a topic, then your thesis (research statement) would be The effects and damages of Tuberculosis in Southern Africa.

How to Write Acknowledgement for Thesis

How to write acknowledgement for thesis is not really a difficult thing to do. In fact, writing acknowledgement for thesis should be one of the least things to worry you. We have a post on thesis writing (How to Write Dissertation or Research Paper) that will guide you in writing your thesis.

How to Write a Story with Dialogue

Writing a story is not that hard, and even writing a story with dialogue is not hard at all. Writing a story with dialogue is one of the easiest things you can come up with. One, you imagine the characters are people you know, imagine they are in a real-life conversation, and boom, the story just flows like that. Here, we’ll be treating how to write a story with dialogue.

How to Write a College Admission Essay and an Autobiographical Novel Essay

How to write a college admission essay and an autobiographical novel essay is usually a source of worry for aspiring college students and other people. This is because admission essays are great determining factors on whether a student will be accepted into college or not. On the other hand, autobiographical novel essay focus on narration of real life stories of people in a creative way. Read more in the post.

How to Write Bachelor Thesis and Thesis

Bachelor thesis is the necessary and compulsory requirement for an undergraduate student of any college or university. This is the reason why when it is submitted, there is a part of the front cover page that reads “in the partial fulfilment of the course.” Thus, it is very pertinent you write a good work when writing your bachelor thesis. In this post, we’ll be tackling how to write bachelor thesis and thesis.

Dissertation Meaning in Hindi

Dissertation means निबंध  in Hindi. This is what is dissertation meaning in Hindi. Read this post to know more about dissertation, written in Hindi, and with a detailed explanation.

How to Write a Ghost Story

The first set of good characteristics of a good ghost story is that the story has to be realistic, imaginative and scary. Except it is a ghost story that is not meant to scare people; however, if it is meant to scare people, it has to be scary and imaginative. Your ghost story has to be realistic to some points, too, or else the readers would dump the story.

How to Write a Short Horror Story

Writing a short horror story is not that difficult if you know the right things to do. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to write a short horror story. The short horror story should be as interesting as a long horror story. The main point about it is that a short horror story has to be really interesting, and short, an interesting story within a short limit like 1000 – 5000 words.